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Top 13 Websites to Make Web Designers Life Easier

It is not easy to create a websites that look good and function flawlessly. Sometimes it can be very time consuming for web designers and developers to do everything on their own. But don’t worry there are many free tools and resources available on the internet to make a website designer’s life much easier. Here is list of top websites a designer should always remember during web development process.

Take it Easy
www.WhatTheFont.com – If you like the font of a website logo and you want to use the same in your website, just go to what the font and upload the logo images and it will tell the name of the font.
Alternate site: http://www.whatfontis.com/

www.colorcombos.com – Choosing a color scheme is one of the most important steps in website designing. Color combos,  a website that has a huge database of different color combinations to select one for your website.

Alternate sites:

www.BgPatterns.com – At BgPatterns you will be able to find a wide variety of background patterns that you can use in your website designs.

Alternate sites:

spoon.net/browsers/ – It is an excellent services to test a website in different browsers. It supports different versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Opera and Safari.

Web Designer
www.jonasjohn.de/test-tool/ – An amazing tool to test a website for almost everything. CSS and HTML validation, SEO, images, text, Ip’s and social services.

Loadimpact.com – Load impact is a free service, here you can test the impact of high amount of traffic on your website.

www.converticon.com/ – Converticon is a great utility, it converts PNG, GIF and JPEG formats into high quality ICO files that can be used as favicon.

www.buttongenerator.com – It is a free to use button generator services for web designers. For imageless CSS buttons use yet another services at http://www.cssbuttongenerator.com/ site.

spritegen.website-performance.org – It’s a CSS sprite generator service, converts a zip file containing all the images into a sprite. CSS Sprites is a way to reduce the number of HTTP requests but it is hard to execute.

www.123contactform.com – A free online contact form generator service allows you to get free html forms for your website.

www.iconfinder.net – Helps you to find professional looking icons in a matter of seconds.

csstidy.sourceforge.net/index.php – CSS Tidy is free online service for optimizing CSS codes by fixing errors.